Air Filters

Air QC® Electrostatic Filters
The AirQC® Electrostatic Air Filter-The AirQC® Electrostatic Air Filter removes most of the disease and allergy causing pollutants in the air you breathe, including: rodent fecal matter, animal hair, plant spores, fabric lint, pollen, smoke, dust, aerosol sprays, bacterial, & mites. What the AirQC® filter does for YOU... and your budget:

  • Provides clean, breathable air... free of airborne fibers
  • Saves money! Saves electricity and replacement cost
  • Saves time and hassle

What the AirQC® filter does for your heating / AC system:

  • Subtracts up to 95% of airborne contaminants
  • Easy to clean - just hose it off and reinstall
  • Continuous static charge by air friction. Grabs dust like a magnet
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty - never buy another filter

Look at the quality construction of the AirQC® Electrostatic Air Filter!

You're looking at the best-made filter of its type at any price.

  • Precision mitered extruded aluminum assembled into perfect 90 degree tight corners. (Most electrostatic filters are notch-and-bend assembly)
  • Galvanized expanded metal mesh (not flimsy punched tin)
  • Polypropylene fabric layers sandwich a 1" thick core of filtering media. (Most filters have 1/2" of filtering material instead of 1")